Instituto de educaciòn secundaria “Agora” – Spagna

Our school is a public center placed in the South-west part of Spain, in a city called Cáceres in the autonomous community of Extremadura.

It opened in 1987 and the total number of teacher’s staff is 89 and of learners 880, both from Secondary Education and Vocational Training., this including IT, Web Applications, Administration, Commerce and “Basic Vocational Training”.

Our pupils come from middle-class families, but we have a remarkable amount of families with economic and/or social problems and basic studies, gipsy and South-American pupils. Two Syrian refugees have recently arrived.

In the 2004-2005 academic year, the IES Ágora started a bilingual section in French, which is now fully implemented and since 2004 we also have this mixed with the English bilingual section.

The center has taken part in a patterned multilateral programme with Tito Acerbo in Italy and the Collège Les Gondoliers in France as well as in the mobility of pupils project (Comenius) on several occasions.

Now we are participating in the European  project in English Erasmus + with schools from Italy, Portugal, Greece and Málaga (Spain).