Instituto de educaçao e formaçao do Sorraia – Portogallo

A quarter of a century later, the gate of the Professional School of Salvaterra de Magos keeps opening daily to train youngsters who are focused, motivated and, above all, available to learn constantly.

We are located in the beautiful Lezíria Ribatejana, in the heart of Portugal. The good access to the capital city, as well as to the industrial and business districts make EPSM a successful institution.

With the experience, we have learned that the educative goal of our project is still to qualify for success in personal, training and professional terms.

The demand by the most diverse companies reflects the adaptation of the training areas to the real job opportunities and the needs of the business world. To those students who wish to go on studying to the university level, EPSM will enable them for that.

We are proud to contribute to the increase of the competitiveness of the companies in our region, training technically-skilled workers, able to integrate the job market in a proactive way.

The EPSM family has grown up to 500 people, amongst students, teachers and staff. It is already a reference in the region where it is placed, as well as an added-value to the business world.

The proximity between student, teacher and the family tutor is one of the strongest marks that describes us. It is a strong contribution for the performance of the school community but we go even further… Our focus in our students goes beyond borders and it takes them, under several international student exchange programmes, to the development of internship periods in other Europeans countries, opening up mentalities and revealing new realities.

We work together for a solid human, cultural, social, scientific, technical, technological, practical and civic formation. Together we can make even more and better. Together we stand up for the idea that more important than learning how to do something, is learning by doing it.

Always in the vanguard of the professional training, EPSM offers proper facilities to the practice of different and diverse jobs. Here, the training in a workplace context becomes real.

We are always available for new local, national and international challenges. For us, there are no borders for our creativity.

Our students know the importance of taking advantage of opportunities, working to make them come true. Professional success is indeed a journey, not a destination!

We teach how to implement innovative work methods, respecting routines and highlighting the correct organization. (Administration Assistant – Education and Training Course)

We teach how plan business distribution strategies, using the connection between companies and their suppliers. (Distribution Operator – Education and Training Course)

We teach methodologies connected to the creation of companies, elaborating business plans, following the development of today’s society. (Accounting – Professional Course)

We teach how to use communication has an essential tool for the internal and external development of each company. (Communication – Professional Course)

We teach how to create unique sales strategies and how to promote products and services in an effective way. (Commerce – Professional Course)

We teach how to develop entrepreneurship through innovative projects, using specific, modern and avant-garde techniques. (Electronics – Professional Course)

We teach the appreciation of good-looking dishes and drinks, on the restaurant table and on the counter, paying special attention to the right way to serve them. (Waiter/Barman – Professional Course)

We teach the art of cooking with the soul and beautifying each delicacy in an original way. (Cook/Baker – Professional Course)

Beyond all this, we still…

We challenge the professionals from the most diverse areas to develop their pedagogical skills (CCP – Training of Trainers Course)

We challenge the companies from the most different sectors to bet permanently in the qualification of their technical staff. (Tailor-made Training for Companies)

Our success lies not in what we DO, but in what we ARE!