Istituto Tecnico Tito Acerbo – Italia

The Technical Institute “Tito Acerbo” based in Pescara is the oldest education institution in the town. Its building had been built  in neoclassical  style in 1888 and, later on in the 80s,  a modern building was added.

It has not architectural barrier and people in wheelchair con move freely around the school.
The large town of Pescara is the most populous of the Abruzzi region with 121325 residents. It is situated  at the bank of the river  Pescara,  on the Adriatic coast,  and it is  an important economic, commercial and tourist center.

The Institute is located in the heart of  city,  just  a few minutes walk from the railway station “Pescara Centrale” and the bus terminals.

The school  is equipped with 55 spacious classrooms which create excellent conditions for studying. Some of them are colorful and ingeniously designed by students themselves and create congenial atmosphere for learning. There are also 7 new well equipped computer laboratories, 1 library, 1 exhibition room, 2 gyms, 2 outdoor courts, large car-motorbike park and extensive green space.

The management staff is composed of 1 principal, 1 vice principal, 1 collaborator. The administration office has 9 people. There are 2 technical assistants and 15 custodians.

There are 139 teachers, some of them form a European project team and are very enthusiastic, hard  working and willing to cooperate with European partners. The  students are 1210 from 14 to 19 years old. Among teenagers attending our school there are students from different social background, students with special needs and students belonging to ethnic minorities.

Since September 1, 2000, by Decree No. 18 of the Director of Education of Pescara, the functional autonomy and teaching organization,  the research, the experimentation and the development of the Technical School “Tito Acerbo”, have been  recognized. All this allows the Institute  to  be competitive with other schools in terms of educational quality as it is students centered.

From  the school year 2010-2011, according to the state  Reform of the secondary school, the “Tito Acerbo” Institute  is known as Economic Technical Institute with  the following two courses:

  • Administration, Finance and Marketing”  (after the  second year students can choose between two different courses: International Relations for Marketing and Business Information Systems)
  • Tourism” 

and as  a Technical Institute of Technology, with the course of

  • Construction, Environment and Territory” ,

There are 32 hours of  lessons per week and it is possible to study common subject and specific subjects according to each course.  Moreover, it is important to underline the  use of the online electronic register since four years ago.

The Institute  pays particular attention to the European dimension in the education field,  encouraging the development of  an active citizenship and supporting  processes of  European integration operating in  four possible areas of intervention:

  1. Language: language certificates, class exchanges, internships abroad;
  2. Economic cooperation and cultural international work placements abroad, volunteering, interculturalism;
  3. Economic: school-work, business simulation, internships;
  4. Technical: teaching and digital technologies.

Considering  the  commitment about  the promotion of the European teaching-learning  dimension , the Institute has developed lots of partnerships with foreign schools as part of the Comenius and  The Comenius Regio programs and joined the Program “Leonardo da Vinci” and ERASMUS PLUS KA1 VET, so students  can have   direct working experiences in European companies.

Equal attention is paid to teachers training abroad in order to improve, broaden their teaching skills  and reach a wider awareness of school education in Europe.

 According to the agreement signed with the French Embassy and the Chamber of Commerce of  Paris, the ITS “ACERBO”  is  now the  official home institution where all  students from the provinces of Pescara, Chieti and L’Aquila take the tests  to obtain  language certificates DELF,  DALF and DFP

Experiences realized by  the Institute as part of the relevant project

The Institute “Tito Acerbo”  annually  promote  useful  collaboration between educational institutions, public and private institutions, companies and trade associations, and  creates  partnerships and regional networks  to achieve the objectives  concerned with the extended work-related learning.

It is for this reason that  recently the Institute has been involved   in significant agreements  with Confindustria, the Chamber of Commerce, the City and the professional associations of the Province of Pescara, with  businesses  organizations, associations, trade unions, in order to  facilitate the implementation of training programs.

The activities carried out  essentially refer to four forms of intervention:

  1. Work orientation
  2. Training Courses
  3. Projects of  business simulation
  4. Internships.

The priorities of the institute are the following:

  • Develop the skills and abilities of the students to facilitate  their  integration into the  world of work in a European dimension
  • Promote activities for environmental protection
  • Promote education in accordance with European values, helping students to become “European citizens”
  • Involve parents in the educational process and the use of ICT with their children
  • Promote education for healthy living through sport.